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Friday, 20 May 2011


Since summer is on the way now, I started to put all my winter clothes in our cedar room. I took all my spring clothes and summer clothes in my closet. But before I file them, I tried each one of them to see if it’s still fit me. I know I gain weight but I didn’t know that I gain that much. Most of them didn’t fit me anymore. It means only one thing, SHOPPING. I’m so thankful that hubby is very understanding. I didn’t even ask him. He’s the one who told me to shop for my cloths. I’m not really a fan of online shopping before until I tried once and it really convinces me to shop online. I like it because I don’t need to drive around especially if I’m alone. I really hate to walk around the mall and shop if I’m alone which happen most of the time because hubby is at work and he only give me the money to shop. Sometimes I go with my friend but this time, she’s in Philippines for her father’s burial. So I shop online and I found this comfortable loungewear. I’m a fan of loungewear. I already have some but half of them didn’t fit me anymore. I found the one I want and I’m just waiting hubby to arrive and we will buy this comfortable loungewear online.