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Friday, 3 April 2009


As I said in my previous post, Hubby and I are still trying to have a baby. We really want to have one especially now that we are both getting older. Most of our relatives and friends told us to do this and to do that. We are very open to all their suggestions and we also did a research in the internet and we found this very interesting article about parenting.

Last night, hubby and I are talking about being a parent. We are discussing what would be the motif of the nursery room and of course, we are discussing what would be the name if we have a baby boy and the name if we have a baby girl. We have to know the meaning of the names that we want before we will give that name to our baby. Good that Parents Connect gives us an idea on how to be good parents to our children. They also tell us on how to know if we are fertile so that we can get pregnant quickly and more articles about parenting. I really love reading this kind of articles. It really helps me a lot.



Anonymous,  9 April 2009 at 08:19  

i just hope that soon you`ll get preggy na rin :)

good luck and best regards!