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Saturday, 18 April 2009


I hope I'm not! I'm not ready to die and I still want to enjoy my life with my love ones. I asked this stupid question because of what happen to me a while ago. Same as the other days, the weather today is so nice. It's so sunny but now very warm. Everybody in the neighbourhood was outside and word in the yard. That's what we did also this afternoon. I cleaned my flower bed and took the dead leaves. Hubby was working in the grass and then we put the fence in their place and everything is ready now for summer. We had a tough day today so we decided to treat ourselves. We been to starbucks and I took Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte and hubby took a coffee. Then we went to the grocery store to buy some vegetables and fruits. So when we arrived home, I put all the stuff to the ref and the drawer for the vegetable was so dirty so I decided to clean it before I will put the new vegetables that we just bought. When I dried the drawer, I feel that my thumb is not moving. I was in a real panic and I run to the bedroom to asked help from hubby (he was sleeping on the time it happen). Hubby pulled my thumb and it when back to straight because it was bending when it happens. Then we I bend it again to see if it's really okey, but then it's stuck again and I can't move it. Then hubby did a massage and I can move it already but I feel a numb in my left arm and it's going up below the shoulder. And then we put warm in my arm and it feels better but still I feel the numb. Hubby wants to go to the hospital but I want to wait tonight if it will get worst. What I’m wondering is it’s only in the left side. The right side of my body is very okey. Sometimes the numb will go down to my leg. Just now, I feel better and I hope I will not feel bad tomorrow. Please pray for me.