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Monday, 12 March 2007


10 days more to go!!!!!!!!!!! I’m looking forward the day that my husband will arrive. He will be here very soon. 10 days more to go and we will be together. Two months of being away is so hard for us. We want to be with ourselves every time. But we need to sacrifice sometimes for the goods of us. On the first two weeks of being alone after Christmas, it’s like that there’s a big storm came in my life. I been crying for 2 weeks that I feel to go and join him in Seattle. I don’t feel to work in the computer, all I did was sit down in the sofa and watch TV. My days were too boring until I found this CWL. It’s a circle of bolanons around the world. I spent most of my time with them in the net. As I said in my previous post that we had a great time together, playing games and singing Pilipino songs or foreign songs. With them, I don’t feel bored anymore.

Just now, I have a mix feeling. I feel so excited that my husband will arrive soon. At the same time, I feel sad also because I don’t have enough time to be with the CWLians. But it doesn’t matter as long as I’m with my husband. I can still find time for them but not the same as before. For the CWLians, don’t worry, as I said, you’re always in my mind and heart ( Char!!! But that’s true)

Just wait and see what will happen after 10 days from now hehhehhe.