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Saturday, 11 February 2012


One thing that I really miss doing in my kitchen is COOKING. Two years ago before I started working, I used to cook every morning before my hubby left to work and in the afternoon around 5 pm before he arrived from work for our supper. I love doing it and tried different recipes. But this thing stopped when I started working. Hubby always bring me to the restaurant for supper because he is also working and when we arrived home, we're both hungry.

It become our daily routine already this going out to the restaurant all the time. At first, it's okay with me because since I started working, I'm already lazy to cook and worst, do the household chores. I tried many times to have time management but this computer is always a temptation :-( I always failed.

This morning, hubby woke me up and told me to prepare myself because we will go to the restaurant for breakfast. I said NO right away. I told him that I will do the breakfast but he insisted to go to the restaurant but I won at the end :-) ..I made my special crêpe and he really loves it. I brewed coffee for him and a tea for me. I really had a great feeling after we ate. It's like an accomplishment for me :-)

I don't want to promise anymore because I always broke my promises for me :-( but I will do my best to cook more and less restaurant. This way, we can eat good and healthy foods and save money at the same time.

Happy Weekend to all :-)



NovaS 11 February 2012 at 14:40  

wow sis, 8 years na diay ka diha? kadugay na ba nimo...veteran na ka hapit ba hehehe...

i'm sure you do miss cooking esp when you love to cook...ana jud tingali basta ma busy na sa work wala na kaayo time magluto kay usahay kapoy naman pud diba..