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Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Yes, I'm already 8 years here in Canada. I left in my home in Philippines January 25, 2004 at 4:00 in the morning(Philippines Time) and I arrived in Vancouver International Airport January 25, 2004 in the afternoon (Vancouver Time). Hubby was there in Vancouver Airport just to pick me up. Then we flew after few hours going Quebec where we live :-) We arrived in Montreal January 26, 2004 (Quebec Time) that means, tomorrow will be my 8 years here in Quebec hihihi. I can't imagine that I'm already 8 years here. I thought that it was only yesterday.

I remember very well on the day I left my homeland. My dad and mom woke up so early and prepared some foods to eat and of course they also wanted to talk to me and be there when I will leave. My sister and my nephew was there too and my nephew was not happy seeing me leaving our house. I felt so pity to him and to my family. My heart broke seeing them when I left. I don't want to leave them but I have to. I need to stay with my husband, my family. Even though I have my own family here, they are still my family. 

Well, I miss my family in Philippines so badly now. I was planning to visit them this summer but I've change my mind. I just bought a property in Philippines and I wanted to work hard for that project of mine. It's my own project, not a conjoint project. Hubby wanted to help me but I refused. I wanted to do this by myself. I will only ask help to my hubby if I really need. Just now that I'm still working and with more hours, I guess I can pay my project before 2 years :-) 

So, I guess I have to go now..CHEERS TO ME :-)