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Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Febuary 21, 2012

Hubby left for work very early in the morning, 6:20 am. I was not able to sleep back after he left. I tried so that I will not feel sleepy at work but I wasn't able. So what I did, I get up and do some cleaning in the house. I vacuum the bed room, living room, bathroom, dining room, kitchen and computer room. I wanted to vacuum the basement but I decided to do it tomorrow. After I clean everything, I felt good. I open all the window to get some fresh air.

I just realize that it's so nice to wake up early in the morning and do something. You don't feel tried at all. I will try my best to do this often. My work will start 9:30 am and I usually leave from the house 9:00 am because I want to be at work ahead of time.

I'm now ready to leave to work. It's so nice because I still have time to blog. I have to go now and happy tuesday to all :-)



NovaS 21 February 2012 at 20:04  

i do agree with you sis, kay if i woke up early and do things earlier too, i end up having the whole afternoon a free time to relax...also i don't feel tired if i woke up early.