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Monday, 2 January 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I suppose to write an entry yesterday as a start of the year 2012 but too sad that I was not able. We celebrated New Year's Eve at my friend's place with all my Filipino friends. We wanted to stay there until 4:30 in the morning but we decided to leave 1:30 am because we had family supper the next day (Jan 1). I never prepared anything for the supper and still have to do some cleaning. I'm so thankful with my two friends who gave me a hand last night. Fortunately, the party was a success.

First time it happen here that we had karaoke with Hubby's family. It's been a while that I wanted to have it with them but I'm so afraid that they will not enjoy it. They really had fun with the karaoke last night. None of them sings good and that gives us so much fun and they really want to do it again :-) I really didn't expect that they will enjoy it. Good to know:-)

I hope you guys enjoy celebrating the New Year Day ..