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Thursday, 28 May 2009


I'm so excited now to spend the weekend in Baie Comeau. This is the place that I always ask hubby to visit. It's quite far from where we live so we need to stay one night in a hotel. Hotel is already reserved and the ferry going to Matane. From home to Baie Comeau will take 5 hrs drive plus 20 minutes ferry to cross the river. But we have to stop some places for picture so I guess it will take us 6 or 7 hours drive instead of 5 hours. We will sleep in Baie Comeau then we have to drive to Godbout for the ferry that will take us to Matane. This ferry will take 2 hours to cross the St-Laurent river to Matane. Then from Matane to our place will take 5 hours drive. But as I said, we have to stop many place for picture and I guess we will arrive home almost midnight. We don't mind what time we will arrive home he he he. We love to travel so there will be no problem.

I'm pretty sure that I will take lots of picture. Good that I have 3 spare of battery for my camera. In this way, I don't need to charge which is very hard because I don't have adoptor for the car. Hubby bought me 2 more battery so taht I can use them in Philippines and I have 2 8gigs memory card he he he. Everything will be okey:-)

I will post for sure some photo next week.

By the way, Caroland's Breathtaking Adventure is already finish. I've change the layout and I migrated it to my other account. Friends, can you change the link of my Caroland's Breathtaking Adventure? I really appreciate if you can do it for me...thanks. Pls feel free to visit that blog.