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Friday, 8 May 2009


Since summer is fast approaching, mosquito are getting more and more especially during the night. We are lucky in where we live just now because we don’t have much mosquito since we don’t have many trees around. But in the chalet, there are lots of mosquitos and it’s not only an ordinary mosquito but it’s the big mosquito that will suck lots of blood. Hubby and I spend most of our weekend in the chalet and we never enjoy our nights outside and even having barbeque outside until we bought this mosquito magnet trap. Our friend has one and he said that it’s really good. We tried it and we were really amazed how it catches many mosquitos in just a little span of time. It’s very interesting so we bought one for us to have a safe stay in the chalet while enjoying the summer.

Mosquito is very dangerous. They can cause health problem such as West Nile virus and malaria and they can kill you. So it’s better to be safe always and Mosquito magnet traps will protect you from this deadly mosquito.

You can read the mosquito magnet review for more information and learn how it saves many families from viruses that cause by mosquito.