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Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I started to love fishing after I’m living with my hubby. He loves to go fishing in the summer and he’s the one who introduced me in fishing. Since then, I love it. We did fishing a lot last summer, sometimes with friends and family and sometimes, just the two of us. I am a little bit disappointed that I will miss the fishing this summer but excited at the same time because I will be with my family this summer. To be with them is very important for me than going fishing.

Hubby already bought his fishing permit for this summer. He will spend his summer in the chalet with his cousin. They will go fishing in the night and cut woods in the day. Hubby’s cousin will extend his chalet so they need to cut woods for the extension and hubby will help him to do all that works.

Since they will go fishing in the night, hubby will need to have a good flashlight. I broke his flashlight last summer and it was a good flashlight, very handy and it lights up very well. Since father’s day is fast approaching, I decided to give him a good flashlight like Surefire Flashlights. I know that this flashlight is the best flashlight in the world. I’m sure hubby will be happy to have this as his father’s day gift.