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Monday, 10 March 2008


Hi guys! I’m so sorry for not updating my blog for 2 weeks now and I didn’t visit you too. If you read my last posting, I mentioned there that I had a problem with my back (slipped disk). Until now, I’m still suffering of it. We been to the hospital and they give me 4 medicaments and recommend a full rest at home. But I’m a hard headed woman (as what my hubby used to call me hehhehe). I attended my French course and the worst is, I was driving 4 hours last March 1 and hubby drove the remaining 4 hours. We visited our friend in Gaspésie east of Quebec. Infact, its only 5 hours drive if we take the highway or freeway but we took TransCanada Road and visited all the small town and took some pictures. I didn’t tell him that the pain was getting worst because if I will tell him, we will stay home the rest of the week which we don’t like. And last week, my back was getting worst. But still I went to the school. Last Wednesday, there was a snow storm. It’s not that bad but the school was closed so I had a day off. Instead of resting, I did some cleaning in the house which is not good for my back. What a hard headed woman! Hahahaha. And again, last Friday, the entire French course student went to the Cabane a Sucre (sugar shack). We had a lot of activity. I enjoy a lot during our outing but when I came back home, my back was really bad that I need to lie down. Saturday and Sunday, there was a big snow storm. We just stay home and I had a good rest. I have no choice; hubby was here with me hehehhe.

This is the reason of my long absence. Tomorrow, I will have my first therapy for my back. I will just hope that everything will be okey.