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Saturday, 23 February 2008



Yah! You heard me right. I’m suffering from a slip disk. It happened last night when I took the dry cloths in the dryer. I bent my body and when I got up, I felt a pain in my lower back. It’s so painful that I can’t move. At first, I just ignored it. I thought that I just made a bad move and this will be okey after a few minutes. But I was wrong! This is not really a simple problem. Hubby experienced this 15 years ago. He knew exactly what to do. He tried to help me by carrying me to go upstairs because I was in the basement. But when he tried to get me up, the pain was getting worst. So, I preferred to stand in my own. I tried to go up slowly and go straight to the sofa. Inspite of the pain I had, I can still manage to laugh and hubby was laughing also because my position and all the movements I did were so funny. I sat in the sofa and take note, I had my laptop with me though I was injured. Hubby put my laptop in the tea table and I used my wireless keyboard. Hubby told me to lie down but I didn’t because I still want to work with my lappy. I’m so thankful that I have a husband that is so supportive, loving and caring to me. He pampered me a lot like a baby which I really like.

I didn’t stay long in the sofa because I felt that the pain was getting worst. I installed myself in the bed and hubby installed the laptop next to me. I didn’t work with my laptop but I watched the movie of Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. After I watched another shows from Philippines. Then before taking off the night, hubby did a good massage in my lower back with efficasent oil hehehe. And I took a pain reliever pills. I had a good sleep last night. In the morning, the pain is getting less. We went to the restaurant for our brunch and we did some shopping. Everything went fine. When we came back home, hubby demolished our basement. And I offer him to clean the kitchen because I feel better. At first, he said no because he want me to rest. But I insisted and I clean the kitchen and the living room. I put all the dishes in the dishwasher and I clean the floor. Until I feel the pain again. I set in the sofa with my lappy. I chat with few friends and my sister. They were teasing me. They said that I’m a computer addict. Yes I am! Everytime we go away for a day or more, I have to bring my laptop with me and my digicam is always in my handbag.

Honestly, I don’t know the English term of “tour de rein”. Hubby doesn’t know the English term too. I’ve search in the internet and I found out that it’s a SLIP DISK. And to tell you frankly, I don’t know what a slip disk is. When I chat with my sister, I told her what happen and she told me that I have to be very careful because if not, there is a possibility that I will have an operation. I didn’t worry of what she told me about the operation but when I talked to my friend also, she told me that she knew exactly what I’m suffering just now because her aunt suffered this too. And she told me that her aunt went through an operation. Then I started to be scared. I told hubby about it and he told me that the danger is, if I will not have an extra care of my movements. I need to have a bed rest for a while until I will have a full recovery and the doctor recommend for a bed rest too.

So this is my update for today. Good that I don’t have a class whole week next week. I will have a full rest her in our bed. There’s no fun here in the bed but with the help of my laptop, I can stay here for the rest of the day.