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Friday, 14 March 2008


i got this tag from Janet.. thank you so much net.

I AM… a faithful wife, a respectful daughter, a loyal friend...a unique one :-)
I WANT…to do my best to make my fellowmen happy and proud of me
I HAVE… A wonderful family and friends
I WISH…to have a power that could change the worst to better :-)
HATE...all bad things.
I FEAR… that my love ones will leave me
I SEARCH…something special and unique that i could give to my hubby on our 5th year anniversary
I WONDER…why the wars are not yet over.
I REGRET…i regret nothing in my life.
I LOVE…all my family, friends, relatives....i love my husband and i love myself
I ALWAYS…be a loyal and faithful wife
I AM NOT…perfect but i'm doing my best to be one.
I DANCE…all the time hehehehe i always dance here in the house as my exercise
I SING…always especially when i'm driving the car. I feel relax
I CRY....everytime i miss my family in pinas. i always cry if im sick hehehe
I WRITE…because I want to share all about me to everyone.
I WON…the roll up the rim hehehehehe but only a free coffee
I AM CONFUSED…sometimes
I NEED…to improve my french language so that i can work quickly and can communicate the french people
I SHOULD…take my diet seriously because i'm gaining so much weight now :-(

Guys... I want to passed this to francine, nova, and pinay mommy


NoVa 16 March 2008 at 21:23  

I love these tag.. i'm doing it soon.. buzz you when i'm done with this...

have a happy monday