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Monday, 7 January 2013


This afternoon is suppose to be the flight of my husband to Regina but he called me at work telling me that he missed his flight. It was clearly written in his itinerary that his flight will be at 13:00 and he taught that it will be at 15:00. There was not much flight to Regina so he took the 6:00 am flight for tomorrow.  I feel pity for him that he loss 1 day of his work but I'm happy at the same time because I have 1 more night with him and I will be here tomorrow when he will leave. I was not here this afternoon when he left the house and I don't like it. I want that I will be here when he will leave because in that way, I can hug and kiss him while saying goodbye. 

I hope that he will not miss his flight again tomorrow :-) Good that his boss is so understanding and he didn't even say anything to hubby but just laugh and said "it's okey, it happen sometimes".