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Saturday, 5 January 2013


These are some few stuff that I bought for my family. I didn't have much time to check for sales so I bought most of these stuff in their regular price. I got a good deal of the toothpastes and the white slippers. I paid .25 cents each of the toothpastes at the pharmacy and .25 cents each of the slippers at Old Navy. The slippers are quite big, size 9 and 10 but I still bought them coz I know some of my relatives can use it and my mom can have 1 too. 

We just drop the box this afternoon here in Montreal and I hope it will arrive home before me. I just feel  so disappointed when I knew this afternoon that the 2 boxes I sent last Oct were shipped just last month. I just wondering why until now they didn't receive it yet and now I knew. I hope this box will arrive on time.