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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


One of my favorite place in our house is the basement. On the very first day I step in this house, I don't know why, I already fall in love in the place. It was just a simple basement with lots of storage room and carpeted floor. I installed my little office there (though we have one upstair) where I can study when I was still taking my french course. Then I started to change the arrangement and install my home theater. I started to invite friends and did karaoke. Hubby found it interesting that made him decide to renovate the basement. It took us almost a year to finish renovating. Hubby did the work by himself. He took out the storage room and converted to a bar, took out the carpet and change the wall. I really love my new basement that I call it "my hiding place". We already had few parties here but the most enjoyable party we had was last saturday during hubby's birthday. We're only 9 person but we really had fun. Too much is crowded...that what happened on my last birthday. We had 27 visitors plus me and hubby. We were able to accommodate all of them. It was a nice party but with not too much guest is better. We had karaoke and everybody was able to sing without a long waiting. 

But the best part of the night was the lighting:-) My hiding place turned to a disco bar for the night :-) As you can see in the ceiling, it's a sound synchronize colorful light. I really like it and I'm looking forward to the next party.