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Monday, 1 October 2012


My MacBook Pro is now in OS X Mountain Lion. At first, I don't want to update it because I didn't know what's new in it and do I need it? Hubby gave me Apple TV last week and when I make it work,  I like it. I can watch movie from netflex, rent movies from App Store and listen music from my iTunes. That's all the apple tv can do and I thought I can watch my teleserye that I use to watch from my computer but I can't. 

( the power of OS X Mountain Lion with the Apple TV)

Then hubby told me to update my laptop to OS X Mountain Lion. I did and wow! I can use the big tv as a screen of my computer without connecting my computer to the tv. I love the idea of watching my pinoy teleserye in the big screen:-)

In the photo above, my laptop is 10 feet away from the TV. The cable that you see in the side of the TV is the HDMI cable from the apple tv to the tv for the image. I don't have long cable so I was not able to hide it at the back of the wall like all other cable  :-) Hubby will be here next week, so he will fix all the cable and hide it hehehe. I really love it. Last weekend, I did nothing but watched movie the whole day. 


NovaS 2 October 2012 at 10:44  

didn't know about what features i would like to have in an apple TV however, can't afford it myself but good for you sis, you finally did the update...bigger screen the better to watch your fave shows and movies