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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I was so shocked yesterday when hubby came here at work and wanted me to go out the resto. He wanted me to se the car. OMG! first thing that I had in my mind when I saw the car was hubby had an accident. I asked him what happen and he told me everything. He was eating his breakfast at the resto when an old woman came to him and said that she hit his car. Hubby was so lucky because the guy that saw the old woman hitting hubby's car is happen to he hubby's friend. He told the woman that the owner of the car. The woman had no choice but approach hubby.

I felt better after I heard the story. I don't mind the car. What is important is hubby's safety. It worth $4,000 repair. Insurance is paying all the damage but we will be using the car of the garage, maybe tonight for 1 week.


NovaS 27 October 2011 at 16:47  

this is why..older people aren't supposed to be driving...i don't discriminate them but they are harming themselves as much as they harm others... good thing we have insurances to pay off this accidents...