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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


When I checked the weather forecast last night, it says rain with thunder storm today until Saturday and Sunday sunny and warm. I don't mind have rain for 4 days as long as there will be no rain on Sunday because I will be hosting a brunch party that will be held in our backyard. There will be 30 people including me and hubby that is why we wanted to held it outside.

I woke up too early this morning and clean my garden before the rain will pour. At 7:00 am, I started to cut the grass (not minding the neighbors if they were still asleep) so that it's all done before the rain. Well, I didn't see any sign of rain since this morning until now. The sun is so strong and too warm. I check the weather forecast again and voila! no rain today but tomorrow until Sunday :-( I hope this will change. I don't want to have rain this sunday. What should we do if it will rain? The patio is not enough for 30 people and we don't have much space inside the house. Well, the basement is already finish , some will stay in the basement and some will stay in the living room hehehhe

I'm still hoping to have no rain this sunday.


NovaS 15 June 2011 at 15:08  

that's a good sign sis, summer is finally here..hurray!!!