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Sunday, 20 March 2011


Yesterday was my birthday and our 8th years wedding anniversary. I was a little upset in the morning because hubby took me to Tim Horton's for breakfast that usually every weekend we always go to a fancy restaurant for brunch. Yesterday was not only my special day but it's our special day too. I was expecting that he will take me to a nice restaurant for brunch but he didn't. Tim is our favorite place but I felt that it's only an ordinary day yesterday.

Early in the evening, he told me that he made a reservation in a sea food restaurant for two. Then, I felt happy that finally we will celebrate it in a nice restaurant for our special day. But I didn't know that all my friends were there and so with his cousins which happen to be my friends too.

The night was full of fun, talks, laugh, eat and drink wine. I guess I had too much wine that makes me feel a little bit tipsy. When we arrived home, I was still able to transfer all my pictures in my laptop and still have time snuggling with hubby.

We both slept at 11:00 pm and at 1:00 am, I woke up with a severe chest pain. I ignore it at first because I just thought that it's the wine that stuck there especially that I slept facing down (as what I always do). I get up and took a glass of water but it gets worst. I woke up hubby and he warm up a little glass of water hoping that the pain will gone but it didn't. The pain spreed all over my upper body include my throat. Hubby was very afraid so he drove me to the hospital. Good thing that we are very close to the hospital.

When we register in the hospital, the send me right away to the emergency room. Put the oxygen in my nose, they inserted the IV in my left arm and took blood for a couple of test. They made an echo-cardiogram test to me, x-ray and couple of ecography test.

They bring me to the emergency room at 1:30 in the morning and they kept me until 11:30 in the morning. All the test were negative except that I have so much acidity in my stomach and it affected my liver (but not that worst). So they send me home to rest with some pills to take 1 every morning for 1 month, then minimize it until 1 year.

I was really looking forward to be home because I was not able to sleep last night with all that cord thing that connected in my body. I was not comfortable in their bed and the worst is, I can't sleep with my back. I always sleep facing down. I can't even move. I'm out of danger now but I have a back pain due to the uncomfortable bed.

Well, this is happy (because of the surprise party) and sad (spending the night in the emergency room) birthday :-)