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Thursday, 24 March 2011


I felt so guilty last night because I can't resist myself eating this pepperoni stick. It's my favorite snack and I can eat the whole pack alone:-). When I was hospitalize lately, the doctor told me to avoid fats especially in the night (strickly no fats at night). It's been a while now that I'm craving for this pepperoni stick and I didn't find it in all the grocery store that I been into. Just to satisfy my craving, hubby bought me a slice of pepperoni that I really don't know how come it's not the same taste for me :-) . I know it's pepperoni, the same pepperoni so it much be the same taste hehehe but I didn't taste it the same way. Maybe it's only my imagination :-)
We been to Walmart last night because they have special on memery stick, 8 gb for $10 (too bad there was nothing left when we arrived there). We went to the grocery area of walmart to pick up some milk when I accidentaly saw hundred of packs of pepperoni stick. Oh boy! I grab right away few packs because I can eat it but not at night. When we arrived home. I try myself not to touch it to avoid temptation hehehe. Hubby place everything we bought at it's own place but after a few minutes, I felt hungry hehhee. Hubby was in the basement working the floor so I found the chance to grabe 4 sticks and put it in the microwave and eat it like a child hiding so that nobody can see me eating hehehe.
Just this morning that I felt so guilty. I should not do it but it's too late (masarap kasi ang bawal)
I have to be very careful now because the doctor told me that I have 3 months to heal if I will have to take care of everything I eat and drink. I don't have problem with coffee. I'm not that maniac of the regular coffee but with my macchiato au caramel? I don't know. I'm trying not to have it. I'm always drinking tea now, infact, i have tea next to me while writting this blog.
After 3 months, if I feel better, I can drink coffee and wine but not too much and I can eat with fats too but strickly not in the night.
Well, goodluck to myself and so sorry doc :-)



NovaS 24 March 2011 at 15:26  

not too much lang po... we can eat anything just make sure it is not more than what we should have.... belated happy birthday... sorry late kay gikan mi trip bago ra mi uli