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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


It's been a while now since I started the belly dancing course. I do like it but my body is not really participating :-) but I didn't give up and I will never be. I love doing it and I'm enjoying it so much. I just got back from the course and it's getting to the end now. I mean, we almost finish the choreography. Too bad that 3 of the dancers will not join in the big show this coming May 21 but the show will still go on even without them.

I will shop for my veil tomorrow. I'm using the veil of my professor since the beginning (shame on me hehehe). Still I know what color I have to buy because I have 4 complete costumes with different colors, they are green, blue, red and black with different colors of stones in it. I have to think of color that will match with the 4 colors. I'm so excited now.