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Tuesday, 6 April 2010


It's been two weeks that I didn't attend my belly dancing class because our instructor had an operation in her neck that I really don't know exactly what it was. Two weeks that she was not there so I didn't go there though somebody replaced her.

Tonight, I been there and we practice so hard in preperation for our show this coming May 22. I'm so excited on that said show. It's my first time to be in that big show. May is the busiest month for us the belly dancers. We will have 2 days pictorials and dinner with the groups. So excited:-)



julai 7 April 2010 at 09:50  

hello ate gags,

thanks sa visit sa ahong mga payag ate.i'm glad that you're back to blogging now..maayo ky naa naka time ate..ate misingit napod ko ha,hehhe.ang about sa old LO sa Centro blog ate,palihug nya ko ug balik te ha kung makalugar ka naa mi meeting sa sunday pohon ate pra mabalik na sa old ng kita namo pohon.sorry jud jamo s istorbo ate..samokan kaaju ko.