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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I arrived too early at work this morning. I decided to go early because I want to relax before the start of work. We have wifi at work so even if I'm working, I can check my email and facebooking as long as I have time. We were quite busy at work today but still I was able to work properly. I like my work now even if I don't have enough time but there's always good side in it like I will enjoy my summer especially that I'm off early in the afternoon so we can do bbq every night and spend more time in our patio. I'm off in the weekend also we can easily plan for a weekend trip and I can ask 1 week off anytime I want. But this afternoon, I found a very interesting job and it's a full time job with 40 hours per week. As usual, there's good side and bad side on it. The good side is, I will earn more money and it's too close to our house. And the bad side is, I will not have a weekend off and we can't plan for a weekend trip. I still pass my resume this afternoon and I don't have any response yet. Just now, I regret why I give my resume. I don't know, but I really had a regret. If they will not accept me, I don't mind hehehe. Will, I will just wait.



NovaS 8 April 2010 at 11:19  

ihatag nlng sa ako tong hiring beh..hehehe...sige lang at least diba na try nimo basin diay they'll give your off during weekend...