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Monday, 2 November 2009


It's been a while that I didn't update my blogs. I'm no longer a fulltime housewife. I can't spend most of my time in my laptop as before due to my work. It's already two weeks gone since I started my work and my boss gave me more hours. It's not really my plan to work fulltime but I started to love my work and found more friends. And the most important is I practice my french while earning money :-) I want to save most of my salary because I'm thinking of taking a photography course. It's been a while that I'm thinking of this but I'm not satisfied with my french. My co-workers are all nice and they always correct my french and it really helps me. I started to gain confidence in talking french to the Quebecers (Quebecois) and I'm sure I can speak french fluently before the end of this year he he he.

I'm not working today and yesterday. We had a very nice and sunny day yesterday and today. We took advantage of the nice weather. We finished the Christmas lights outside and I spend a whole day cleaning our computer room and just now, I'm babysetting the daughter of my friend. She's working tonight until midnight and she was not able to find somebody to babysit for the night. I picked up her baby at the daycare at 4 pm and she still here until 8:45 pm. The auntie of the baby will pick her up after work.

This is all for now guys. The baby wants me to play with her...I will really try my best to blog tomorrow after work or after my bellydancing class.