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Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Good morning everyone. As I promise, I'm trying my best to update my blogs regularly. Just want to write something here before heading to work. I will start at 10:30 this morning and finish 1:30 this afternoon. I don't have more hours every tuesday because I told my boss that I'm not available every tuesday night from 7 pm because of my bellydancing class. Instead of taking a day off every tuesday, he give me few hours because all the workers are all student. It's better this way at least I have my weekend off. But the last two weeks, I worked saturday night from 4pm to 8:25 our closing time. I like working in saturday night because it's very tranquille. It's not busy and we can finish cleaning before 8pm. Instead of finishing 8:25pm, we always finish 8Pm but we still get paid the remaining 25 mins because the 25 minutes is the cleaning time after the closing. But becuase there's always no costumer at night, so we can spend our time cleaning the store and go home 25 minutes earlier :-)

I have to get ready now and expect my new updates in my other blogs this afternoon.