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Monday, 5 October 2009


Everyone of us wants to save money in everything we want to buy. We always check every week if there is a special in the store and even online store. Most of the time I saw free stuff in online stores and most people try to grab it because it’s free. But they didn’t realize that they will pay double of the shipping fees that will come out the same price of their original price. Like the free business cards. My friend took it as she thought it’s a good opportunity for her because it’s free and it was too late when she realise that she paid too much of the shipping fee and the quality was not good. She really had regret when she knew from our friend who ordered business card at It’s not free but the price is very affordable and they have good quality. Selection of designs is not limited so you can choice any design you want.
So why get free with limited choices of design and double price of the shipping fee if you can pay affordable one with no advertising logo of their company in your business card? Be wise.