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Monday, 30 June 2008


Yah, Honey will leave tomorrow to Edmonton, AB for work but only 3 day. They will visit the refinery and get some dimension that he will need to do the design. That means, I will be alone here for 3 days and 3 nights huhuhuhu. Anyway, it's only temporary alone he he he . By August, he will work fulltime there and of course, I will go with him.

I need to go to bed now. Hubby is waiting for me..We need to wake up early tomorrow morning..

Gudnight everyone!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 29 June 2008


Thanks Jean for the tag. It's really appreciated:-)

Participants: 1. Me and Mine 2.Creative In Me 3.Little Peanut 4. Pea in a Pod 5. Sugar Magnolias 6. The Salad Caper 7. All Kinds of Me Stuff 8. Aggie Scraps. 9. Winding Creek Circle 10. Mommy Talks. 11. Fun | Fierce | Fabulous 12. Me, Myself + 2 13. Confessions of a Supermodel Wannabe 14. My Precious Nice 15. Just Me.. Eds 16. Eds Mommy Life 17.Jean's Live it Up... 18. Gagiers Striking Zone 19. Gagiers Amazing World 20. Caroland's Breathtaking Adventure 21. My Life, My Fashion, My World 22. Kusina ni Gagiers 23. YOUR BLOG HERE

1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okey if you only post this questions in one blog as long as you answer them.
2. Get back to Me {YEN} and I’ll add your blogs to the master’s list here!
3. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don’t need to be tag in order to join.


1. I posted this experiment at URL:
2. I posted this on date (day, month, year): Sunday June 2008
3. I posted this at time (24 hour time): 10:35pm
4. My posting location is (city, state, country): Quebec, Canada
5. My blog is hosted by: GoDaddy
6. My age is: 33 yrs old.
7. My gender is: Female
8. My occupation is: Housewife
9. I use the following RSS/Atom reader software: FeedBurner
10. I use the blog format to post to my blog: Blogger
11. I have been blogging since (day, month, year): wow, i don't remember the date but I know, it was in the year 2006
12. My web browser is: Fire Fox
13. My operating system is: Windows XP

Now, i will pass this to Angel, Genny, and Emotera


Thursday, 26 June 2008


I just finished changing the template of my other blog Caroland's Breathtaking Adventure. I started it 3 days ago but I didn't finished it due to my hectic schedules. We had a stay-in visitors from Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. I don't want to work fulltime in my computer if they are here. Aside from that, we're always out. This morning, I have nothing to do because it's raining here. So, I decided to finished my layout and now, it's done he he he.

Please visit
Caroland's Breathtaking Adventure to see what I've done.


Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Hubby and I loves to watch Horse Show. It's been a month now that we been going here and there just to watch the horse show or rodeo. I love more the rodeo than the regular horse show. I love to watch the cowboy in the bull riding show. Many times that I saw an accident in bull riding. It's really exciting and scaring at the same time. Almost every weekend that we're out of town to watch Rodeo. Last weekend, we went to St-Antonin, it's 2 hrs drive from home. There was a Rodeo there and one of our friend were there as a participant for the horse show.

In the return, we drove 5 hrs instead of 2 hrs because we been doing the same routine as usual he he he. We drove in the country road and took some photos. Sorry, I can't share the photo right away because it's still in my camera. I will post it here in my next entry.

This is all for now and have a good day to all!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 19 June 2008


Thanks again Jean for this tag.

1.Determine your birthday month and get a word that rhymes with it or you can affix to it. Caps lock your birth month (e.g. MAYday, JUNE dune, APRILicious, JULYvely, AUGUST pocus, parched MARCH). Be unique.

2.Your birth month plus the word affixed or rhymed shall become the tag’s title in your case.

3.Get your birthday and add the digits involved. Example, if your birthday falls on the 25th of July, add 2 and 5 you get 7.

4.Whatever is the sum, write a list of the gifts you wish to receive, the number of which shall correspond to the sum of your birthday. For example, applying the case above (in rule number 3), you will write seven (7) things you wish to receive.

5.After your wish list, put your name and birthday in the Bloggers’ Birthday Directory, with a link to your blog/s. Note: when you add your birthday, please place it in a way that the dates appear chronological (January, February… 1, 2, 3)

6.Pass this tag meme by tagging as many people as you want.

Bloggers' Birthday Directory:

February 18 - Nancy | February 20 - Caryl | February 23 - Jammy | March 7 - Mari | March 28 - Jaja Nicotine | April 13 - Tere | April 29 - ENDAY
| May 3 - Vannie | May 8 - Joan Joyce | May 27 - Zang Caesar | July 16 - Chesca | August 27 - Francine | La Place de Cherie | Cherie | September 1 - Lynn | September 2 - Chikai | September 30 - Mckhoii | December 18 - Joshua Ong YS | December 19 - Alpha | October 2 - Hailey
|October 23- Jean | March 23- Gagiers(Carolyn)

1. Wow, it's really hard to find a word that rhyme with march. MARCHilicious :-)
2. So that's it. This tag would be titled

3. My birthdate is March 19, so that would be 1+ 9=10

4.10 wish list: ( I will pass this link to hubby so that he will know my wishlist :-))

  • My dream house in an island next to the river
  • hp pavilion notebook hdx9010nr
  • Ipod Touch ( which is very close to have one now..hubby is already shopping for that)
  • Audi Locus Concept Car the latest model
  • Boracay Getaway (hubby already inquire the price for next year)
  • Good health to my family and love ones
  • To have my sister here with me
  • To have mom with me
  • To have my own baby
  • Nikon D300 Digital Camera (hubby already have one, but I want to have one to as mine only:-))
Now, I'm tagging Norms, Nova, and Marydith


Wednesday, 18 June 2008


As I said in my previous post, I had problem in sleeping and it came to the point that I took some sleeping pills and hubby almost took me to the hospital because of the side effect of the pills. But now, it's been 3 nights already that I had a good sleep. We slept last night at 10:30 pm and I woke up 9:30 am he he he I had a very good sleep that I didn't even notice that hubby left for work. He just leave a note in the table with the bowl of my favorite cereal. Isn't it cool? I called him in the office and he told me that he didn't want to wake me up because I was sleeping like an oil he he he.

I'm so happy and I feel very well today. I just finished watching LOBO and MY GIRL. Now, I have to think of what I will do today. I can't work in my flowers because it's raining hard outside. I think, I will just stay home and do some blog hopping.

That's all for today and wishing you all the best guys:-)


Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Jean gave me this tag. Thank you so much Jean.

The rules are posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leave a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was in my college years, driving around the town with my motorbike and hanging out with friends.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today?
Go to the hardware and by the paint
Paint the wall next to the stair ( hubby ask me to do it since he's in his office just now)
Go for my electrolyze session
Go and pick-up hubby after work
Do some lumpia tonight ( i have another butch of order:-) and buy my new laptop soon:-)

3. Snacks I enjoy:
Honestly, chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream hehehehe

4. Places I’ve lived:

Quebec, Canada

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire :
As I always told to my hubby, I will buy 4 hectares land in an island and build my dream house. Next is, I will give 1 million dollar each of my family then I will give 5 million pesos to our church in bohol and then, buy a 45 feet provost motorhome latest edition for my hubby and lastly, I will build a foundition for the sick kids.

6. People I want to know more about: Nothing in particular :-)

Now, i'm tagging Nita, Ging,
Rickavieves, Maria, Lily and Lovely Anna


Monday, 16 June 2008


Two days ago, I started to change the template of my other blog MY LIFE, MY FASHION, MY WORLD. I started changing the design 7:00 in the evening and I finished 3:00 in the morning :-) It's worth to had that sleepless night because I love the result of my work.

So guys, pls visit MY LIFE, MY FASHION, MY WORLD. See you there!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Again, I was not able to update my blog for 2 weeks I think. Because of the nice weather, we always to go out every weekend. And everytime we arrived home, we both tired. And in the weekdays, I’m always working outside in our back yard and in my flower garden. And the rest of the time, I’m doing lumpiang shanghai. Orders of lumpia are coming in like a storm hehehe. I’m taking this good opportunity for me to have good money.

I would like to say thank you for all of you who visited my site. I will try to visit all of you.