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Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Hubby and I loves to watch Horse Show. It's been a month now that we been going here and there just to watch the horse show or rodeo. I love more the rodeo than the regular horse show. I love to watch the cowboy in the bull riding show. Many times that I saw an accident in bull riding. It's really exciting and scaring at the same time. Almost every weekend that we're out of town to watch Rodeo. Last weekend, we went to St-Antonin, it's 2 hrs drive from home. There was a Rodeo there and one of our friend were there as a participant for the horse show.

In the return, we drove 5 hrs instead of 2 hrs because we been doing the same routine as usual he he he. We drove in the country road and took some photos. Sorry, I can't share the photo right away because it's still in my camera. I will post it here in my next entry.

This is all for now and have a good day to all!!!!!!!!!