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Monday, 26 November 2007


1. Two names I go by: Carolyn & Gagiers
2. Two things I am wearing right now: Levi's pants and shirt
3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship: Love & Trust
4. Two things I like to do: Travel & Doing Digital Scrapbook
5. Two things I want very badly in this moment:To pass my final exam(french language) tomorrow & Tylenol because i have very bad headache
6. Two things I did last night: Singing with my new magic sing and blogging.
7. Two things I ate today: Longganisa and chocolate cake that i made.
8. Two persons I last spoke to: Hubby & My sister Cindy
9. Two things I am doing tomorrow: Take my final exam and study for the second day of my exam.
10. Two favourite days of the week: Friday & Saturday
11. Two favourite holidays: Christmas & my Birthday/wedding anniversary(we got married on the day of my birthday.
12. Two favourite beverages: Diet coke and diet canada dry gingerade
13. Two things about me that you may not have known: Don't like to live in a big city and have a phobea of driving but i'm still driving because i have no choice. i really have to.
14. Two jobs that I have had in my life: encoder in comelec before and in the restaurant here ( my first job here in canada)
15. Two movies I would watch over and over: Braveheart and Back to the future 1-2-3
16. Two places I have lived: (Besides Philippines) Quebec, Canada and Seattle, Washington,USA (4 months)
17. Two of my favourite food: Pilipino foods and Thai foods
18. Two places I would rather be right now: vacation in Philippines and Germany :-)

I would like to pass this tag to nita, julai , lutchi, and Garf.


Anonymous,  30 November 2007 at 21:57  

hi! just passing by, so, how was your exam?