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Monday, 26 November 2007


Mp3 player is very popular these days. My hubby bough and Ipod for me before but at that time, I was expensive. But now due to lots of competitors, the price of the mp3 is going down depending on the brand and model that you want. I am planning to buy mp3 for my sister as a Christmas gift. But just now, I can’t afford to buy the very expensive one. I was surfing in the net and I found this very interesting site Save Buckets. With this site, you can save a load of your money. They have all kinds and all models of Mp3 in an affordable price. You can compare the latest prices of the mp3 player. It's not only mp3, they also have Digital Camera and all kind of electronic accessories.

Savebucket also have a huge selection of Ipods and portable players as what I just mention before.

So guys, visit Savebucket now and see all kinds of mp3 player, digital cameras and electronic accessories with their prices and photos of the products.