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Thursday, 31 May 2007


We have a very busy day today. As usual, we work outside and we are very happy because it’s almost finish. The flower boxes in front of the windows were done. The flowers box next to the driveway was done and flowers were planted. The two boxes in the driveway of the motor home were done also with flowers in it and 6 roses in the side of the driveway. I finished cleaning in the tulips area and tomorrow, I will add more flowers in that area. All we need to do is to put grass in front of the house and we will do it tomorrow. We decided to put seeds for the grass to eliminate the weeds. We will put a fast growing seeds so that after two weeks, we will have grass in front.

I’m so excited to see our front yard. We went to the green house this afternoon and we both a lots of flowers. They are all very nice.

So that’s our day today. Tomorrow will be another day of work but not as hard as today.

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