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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I believe in the saying "health is wealth".

Ten years ago, my weight was 95 lbs. It was the time when I first met my husband. I don't say that I was in a good health at that time but it was my ideal weight. 1 month after I'm living with my husband, I gained a lot of weight then I started to panic. I did try dieting but I guess I didn't do the proper diet that it cause a severe headache. Then I continue gaining weight until I reached 130 lbs. It worries me a lot. I invested a good treadmill and it really help. I lost 3 lbs in a month or two? Not much until one of my friend told me about drinking warm lemon in the morning while the stomach is still empty. Wow! Effective! I lost almost 10 lbs. I'm now 120. Lossing 10 lbs is really amazing. Now, I'm trying fresh vegetables and fruit juice atleast once a day. I really wanted to loss another 10 lbs. Goodluck to me :-)