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Tuesday, 18 June 2013


(Golden Finch Bird in our Patio)

It's been 5 days now that I'm sick. I have on and off fever, colds and cough. I was force to rest and not working for 2 days. It was not easy for me for the last 3 days, just stayed in the house, slept and no appetite at all. I started to go out yesterday to get some fresh air. The weather was so nice and sunny. I stayed most of the time in our patio with my laptop, iPad, my celfon and of course my camera to capture the birds. 

I was so lucky yesterday because nobody in the neighborhood mown their lawn. Birds were not afraid and they came very close to me to feed themselves. I captured golden finch (in the photo above), turtledove, swallow birds and sparrow bird. I even captured the cat of our neighbor chasing the birds. I felt so upset with the cat but I didn't do anything bad to him. 

I took some pictures again today with the birds but they are all the same birds that come everyday but I still love to picture them. I did a little of gardening too and wanted to help hubby working  our driveway but I didn't because I'm still weak. The fever is back again and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I took some medications but I don't know what's going on. If fever will come back tomorrow then I guess it's time for me to see the doctor. I hope I will be okey tomorrow and continue to work in the rest of the week.