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Friday, 13 July 2012


To see Canada was one of my greatest dream when I was little but  I'm not dreaming it anymore because I live here now. Before I arrived here, hubby asked me what are my dreams and I told him that I wanted to see Disneyland and have a picture with all the my favorite cartoon character. We been to California after 3 months of staying here in Canada. We been to Disneyland and Sea World. It was my first grand vacation. Two years after, we been to San Francisco to visit my cousin and we took that opportunity to explore the other side of California and we been to Nevada as well.

There are still some places of California that I wanted to visit but it's not the priority for now. I want to explore some other state in US. One of them is New York. I been already to some cities in New York State that is close to Quebec but I never been to New York City. I wanted to visit this city and I already talked to my husband about it. He started looking for a cheap ticket and he found some affordable
new york tickets online. I'm so excited and looking forward to this trip. Another dream come true to me :-)

We started to makes some plan to Chicago and Nevada for our next trip. He already checked the
chicago tickets and las vegas tickets online.  There's always  big discount if you buy tickets ahead of time.