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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The first time I ate sushi was last 2006 but before that I tried many times to taste it but I didn't. I just can't  take it. Just looking at it, it gave me the feeling to vomit. I really don't know why. 
 (my friend's homemade sushi)

When I met this friend of mine, she introduced me the sushi that she made. She really wanted me to taste it and I'm to shy to say no. I smell it first and then i took a little bite without using a chop stick :-) Well, well, well....I was surprise how good it is. I ate not only one, two, three but lots of sushi. It was the first time I ate sushi and it was like an "eat-all-you-can" sushi. 

 (my friend's homemade sushi)

Since then, I always order sushi every time I feel to have some. Thanks to my friend for introducing me the so yummy sushi :-)

Photo was taken last May 12 during the mother's day celebration.


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