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Sunday, 25 March 2012


March 25, 2012

I'm taking about my Philippines Passport. Yes, it's already expired for over one year. The last time I used it international was 2009 when I visited my family. Then I went to Edmonton, Alberta the year after but it's only a domestic flight so I don't need a passport. Then last year, I never go outside Canada since I started working full-time. I didn't think of checking my passport until 2 weeks ago when I started organizing all my papers stuff since I already have my own filing cabinet. I took my passport and put it in it's place and voila! I just found out that it's already 1 year expired. At first, I didn't feel worry because I know we can renew it by mail like we did the last time but we just found out that to renew that new passport, I need to be there personally. I started to panic since I have a hard time to get a weekdays off. I just took 4 days off before my birthday party because it was a semestral break of the school and somebody can replace my shift.

I told about this to my boss and he was really upset of the situation because the guy that works with me can't do what I'm doing and just my boss and him can't do it during rush hour. I was really praying that somebody can replace me. I was so lucky when I talked to my co-worker (a college student). Her professor in her Pyscho class told them that the don't have class this monday (March 26) so she can work from 11:30 until closing. It's perfect time :-) I took my monday off and I'm here in Ottawa just now to renew my passport tomorrow :-)

Hubby keeps on telling me to apply for a Canadian Citizenship but until now, I didn't apply. Don't ask me why coz even myself don't know why I didn't apply :-) I guess I will wait until I will finish paying the property I bought in Philippines. I still have 1 year and a half left to pay. And after this, I gonna apply for my citizenship :-)