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Thursday, 14 January 2010


My new blogsite is finally working. If you remember, I posted here that my Gagiers Photography is no longer working. I didn't renew my domain because I want to change it to Photoblog which is the "THROUGH MY LENS". I really had the hard time looking for a better title but nothing came to my mind. Through my lens is hubby's idea which is acceptable to me. So I used it as the title and I started to make the site. It takes me a while to finish it because of my work. Everything in my work went so fast. I just started last Oct 19, 2009 and boss put me in the higher level. I really didn't expect that I will get that position that fast. I put most of my time in my work and almost no time to update my blogs. Last week, I was thinking of finishing my photoblog so that I can introduce to you soon.

So here it is! Feel free to visit "Through my Lens" and don't forget to make comments so that I can improve it.