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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I remember the first week I arrived here in Quebec; hubby had a dial-up connection of internet. I want to talk to my family in Philippines through internet but it was really bad. The connection was very slow. I can’t open my webcam and not even them. Because of that very slow connection, we paid a lot of the telephone bill because I always call my family using our landline phone. After a year of suffering that very slow internet connection, we both decided to change our internet company. We took a bundle of high-speed internet, cable and telephone. Since then, I talk to my family regularly though chat with webcam. Dial-up and high-speed internet connection makes a very big different. I can upload and download very quickly. I don’t need to wait for how many hours before I finish my download and upload.

I’m talking about my experience of using dial-up internet connection and high speed internet connection because I was surfing in the net last night and I saw Wild Blue Satellite Internet. I was so amazed how fast their internet connection and how affordable the price is. I remember my friend having problem with her internet connection. I told her to check the wild blue reviews to have more information. I’m pretty sure that she will switch to wildblue satellite internet.