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Wednesday, 2 July 2008


As I said in my previous post, honey leaved yesterday for Edmonton, Alberta. I had a hard time sleeping last night. I had a mix feeling of fear and worried. Fear because I’m not used to be alone in the house. Though I been alone last summer 2006 but still I’m afraid to be alone in the house. Worried because I know that hubby will arrive in Edmonton midnight of their time which means 2:00 am of my time here. So I was expecting that they will be in the hotel around 3:00 am of time and he said he will call me as soon as he will be in his room. I was wide awake the whole night not because I’m waiting for his call but because I don’t feel sleepy at all. I’ve watched D’LUCKY ONES in my bed room. It was already 3:00 am but still I didn’t receive any call. I was really worried. I tried to call the hotel and I gave hubby’s name but the receptionist told me that there’s no such name in their list. I know that the company made the reservation so I told him the name of the company and the confirmation number, but still it’s not in their list. I was really worried and I really cried. I feel to call my mom but I didn’t do it. I don’t want that she will worry also. I’ve waited for another minutes. As I about to call him back, the phone rang and it was really hubby. It’s really a big relief for me hearing his voice. He told me that the flight was delayed. I slept at around 4:30 am. Hubby called me back 8:00 a.m. of my time and I was still sleeping. But we’ve talked a few minutes. He just reminds me to go MODE CHOC because he knows that there will be big sales. How nice from him he he he. Before he leaved yesterday, he gave me 200$ for shopping he he he.

Finally, I woke up 10:30 am because hubby called back. I feel so empty waking up in the morning without somebody telling me bonjour. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of milk and a cookie for my breakfast. And take note, I had breakfast in bed alone he he he. It’s really funny but I did it because my laptop was in my bed and I want to watch LOBO and MY GIRL. So decided to have my little breakfast in the bed.

I been for shopping after my breakfast and came back here for my lunch. Then after lunch, I went to the bike trail with my bike. We are very close to the bike trail here along the river. It’s very warm today and very sunny. I had 1 hour biking which is good for me. But the bad news is I made pizza for my dinner and ice cream for my dessert. My exercise is useless. I did it because I want to treat myself he he he.

I had a great day today though I’m alone. Hope you had a great day too!!!!!!!