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Sunday 16 February 2014


I just finish setting up my new blog Wandering Thoughts. Pls do visit my new blog and I'm open for an exchange link. I used to be an active blogger but I ignore them few years ago and I become addicted to Facebook. But now, I decided to go back to blogging and to paid blogging as well. So pls visit my new blog if you have time and don't forget to leave a message with the link of your blog and I'm happy to visit you back.



Wednesday 5 February 2014


I took all these book from my bookshelf last night and try to read for me to learn more about photography. My husband gave me all these book last year and I started to read a little but now, I really need to read if I want to learn more. I already started last night. There's lot of interesting topic in these books. I'm looking forward to apply what I learned in these books.


Tuesday 4 February 2014


I got another surprise from the husband today. I just saw the reflector disc in the living room when I got home from work. I'm very excited to install all these in my little studio. My only problem now is I don't have a model to practice. Most of my friends are busy at work during weekend and I'm only available every weekend. But hopefully,  I have friends that will come this coming February 22. I hope there will be no changes. Im so excited now


Monday 3 February 2014


I been out with friends last Saturday, February 1st. We been to Mont Gleason for a slide. It was my first winter activity for this year and I really had a great time. The weather was so nice too. Too bad that we only enjoyed for 2 hours. One of my friends came late because her daughter had a ballet lesson and we need to wait for them. 

After the slide, we been to Lac Nicolet for supper at my new found friend's place. It was a 45 mins drive but it worth to go. The place has a million dollar view. It was my first time to be there and they told me that summer time in that place is a paradise. Oh I'm looking forward to see the place this summer as her husband was inviting us again this summer.

Back to winter activity, we will be going back for a ski or tubing this coming Feb 15 and this time, we will be inviting more friends and it will be more fun, for sure. I just hope that hubby will come with me. There will be a hockey tournament at the same day and he wanted to go to the tournament. He still don't know now if it will be tournament or tubing.


Friday 31 January 2014


Finally I got my Nikon Pro umbrella kit. We've check different brands and different prices and we end up buying a nikon. Ever since, hubby and I are both nikonians and for now, all our camera gadgets are from nikon.

Im really looking forward to have my first pictorial, hopefully 3rd week of February.  I cant wait :-)


Thursday 30 January 2014


Ampalaya or bitter melon in english is one of the famous vegetable in Philippines. I dont eat this much when I was still in Philippines since I didnt like much the taste but when I ate the one my friend cooked here , I started to like it and I'm always looking forward to eat some.

Last month , I bought few at one of the asian store here. I cooked and thinking of freezing some but I ate them all in just 3 days :-). We been to the same asian store tonight and I bought some and this time , I will have to freeze some and just take it when I feel to eat. I can't wait to cook them and eat......


Wednesday 29 January 2014


Winter is my favorite season of the year. Some find it weird but not me. I like it most when it's snowing hard..colds? It doesn't matter to me as long as I wear good and warm clothes. I like to go outside during winter. We used to go out, walked outside and took pictures then I started to go skiing and I love it. But this winter, I didn't have any activity yet. I wanted it go for a ski and try ice skating too but my work didn't permit me to do so. I had a 1 week off after new year but the temperature went down t o -35 Celsius. Who wants to go out with this temperature outside? Even though I have a winter suit that is good up to -40 but still there is no fun outside. 

This weekend, we will go for a snow tubing with friends. This activity really excite me. This will be the first activity I will have for this winter. I will sleeping over at my friend's place. I don't know what the weather will be this weekend but whatever it is, we will have to enjoy it before the winter will be over. 

I'm so excited now and looking forward for this weekend activity.